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header_292x136    KeyPunk (Website) 

KeyPunk is not just a simple shop. KeyPunk is the best way to bring games to the players. Users can collect coins by completing tasks and exchange them for Steam Keys.




header_292x136    ZombLabs (PC Game) – TBA 2018  

ZombLabs is an action packed Horror-Survival FPS. Fight your way through an epic battle against endless waves of zombies. Get ready for a ridiculous amount of fun!







header_292x136    Maynlex (PC Game) – 20.07.2016 

Maynlex is a First Person Open World Adventure/Survival Indie Horror game. This Game was made by Marco Sadowski in 7 Days






header_292x136 (Website) is a german web magazine about video games. PatchNotesStudio takes care of the technology and the hosting of the Website.



header_292x136    Dorbea (PC Game)  –  31.10.15 

Dorbea is a First Person Adventure/Survival Indie Horror game by PatchNoteStudio. The game is being developed within 7 days and is a small thank you to our community.






header_292x136    Moonbase 332 (PC Game)  –  20.05.2015 – Presskit

Moonbase 332 is an Arcade First Person Shooter by PatchNoteStudio. You play an old American exterminator. […] A base on the Moon was found. Your job is now there to clean up. Fight your way through the Moonbase 332.






header_292x136    Der Professor (PC Game) –  24.01.14 – Presskit

Der Professor is a Arena FPS by PatchNoteStudio. Download the Free Version and Play against other players around the world. Not enough? Buy the Supporter Edition and play the Singelplayer